MAKEDONIKI-PANIDIS owns privately-owned building installations on the 11th km of the old Thessaloniki - Kilkis road. The accomodated spaces cover a total surface of over 15.000 m2 and are situated in three buildings: a central unit, where the production of aluminium accessories for aluminium systems takes place and the offices are found, a second building, in which the aluminium railings are produced, with separate offices and also a showroom and finally a third building, where the foundry operates. The planning of installations is such that it allows the autonomous operation of each one, but also their collaboration, when it is essential.


MAKEDONIKI PANIDIS is a fully integrated company. Understanding the market trends and with main concern the completed solutions for customers, it has all the necessary departments that contribute to the effective operation and autonomy of the company.


The foundry is one of the most evolved and equipped foundries with automatic, robotic feeders die cast high pressure machine of zamak and aluminium, with a daily productive capacity
of over  12 tons.

Engineering workshop

For the better quality management of moulds and quicker service, there operates an engineering workshop, where the company moulds are manufactured and repaired entirely by the company.

Processing centers of aluminium – iron

The company owns two vertical processing centres and six last generation lathes of digital guidance, CNC machines of high technology with automatic feeders and processing capacity from 8mm until 78mm for the production of aluminium accessories and one supermodern CNC bender of eight shafts.


The company uses cold rotary galvanising for their submersion in the melted zinc and then achieves fast drying of the materials.

Powder coating

The company possesses three powder coating furnaces of high production capacity as well as a small furnace for quicker and better service of small orders of special paints


Recognizing and predicting market trends the company owns a complete anodising line of thickness 18-20μm. The aim is to achieve the transformation of the metal surface to a surface durable to corrosion and difficult weather conditions that exist in regions near the sea. Anodising
is achieved by submerging the aluminium in an electrolyte acid bath. Anodising is in fact the controlled oxidation which is achieved in different thicknesses and specifically in 18-20μm

Packaging – Storage – Distribution

Product packaging constitutes a sector of great significance. The packing contributes to strengthening of the branding of the company and it projects the high aesthetics. It is executed by experienced personnel, with the use of packaging machinery and with caution in the right product labeling for more effective storage. This results in the reduction of logistics cost, but also speeds up the products distribution. 

Product design

The company gives places great significance on the product planning process from generating the idea and research until the final design and product evaluation. Having the qualified human personnel but also the essential technological equipment, creates the foundation for new and innovative products that cover greater needs  and make  the company a pioneer.

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